APASAI Digital Archive

The digital archive of information refers to the process of organizing, storing and retrieving content containing metadata, with respect to digital rights and access. Content in digital archives can include images, videos, animations, audio podcasts, and other types of media content. An affordable digital archive should have comprehensive, easy, and fast recovery, with the ability to store, retrieve and playback a wide variety of standard formats.

The APASAI Digital Archives Software is a web-based application that provides all the requirements for a digital archive to a global standard for the user.

User-friendly Graphic

It is used in designing the appearance of all graphic standards that are needed for user comfort, especially during long working hours. Standard color schemes with the least pressure on the user's eyes, auto suggest search , and the definition of shortcut keys for high-performance operations are well-integrated in the software.

Possibility to review and correct

The Digital Archives software is designed to allow users to define multi-stage content overviews by defining users with different levels of access and the ability to define various work cycles, and each user can review their own personal cartoons. And modify each media and send it to the cycle for previous and future reviewers.

Simultaneous maintenance of low resolution and high resolution versions

In order to increase the software's performance, two high and low volume versions are stored simultaneously in the software. The process of work will be such that when reviewing, modifying, and editing media content metadata, a low-volume version of the content is used, and when the final version is delivered, high-quality content will be delivered to the user.

Comprehensive search

The APASAI digital archive software employs simple and advanced searches, and the user can use simple and hybrid searches on all of the information fields. Also, high-performance searches can be defined in the form of static filters and placed in accessible information trees.

  • Web based software
  • Scalability
  • Ability to integrate with different software and hardware solutions
  • High speed search functionality
  • User friendly appearance
  • Supported wide range of standard media formats
  • Short cut keys included
  • Ability to revision, shot and correction meta data

Supported Formats:

  • Ultra HD 25/30 fps
  • HD 1080 i , 720 p
  • NTSC , PAL

Supported Codecs:

  • H264
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4
  • DV , DVC Po