Face Detection Software

The APASAI Face Detection software  using the latest Deep Learning techniques and algorithms to has the ability to recognize political faces, celebrities , leaders of the world, terrorist leaders, and any faces that are intended by the user, with high precision and speed.

The special features of this software include high resolution detection, completion of the learning process with the least faces needed, ability to recognize facial images from within the video, provide graphs and comprehensive managerial reports, and easy and user-friendly graphical interface.

Face detection with high precision and speed

The APASAI Face Detection Software uses neural network algorithms and Deep Learning techniques with the least error and with a handful of not too many of each person's images to quickly perform the learning process, and then easily and quickly. Detects the desired face. Of course, the higher the number of data images for learning to be higher and varied, the percentage of error detection faces will be reduced


Provide graphs and management reports from image analysis
Due to the fact that one of the applications of this software is in audit spending, providing graphic graphs is one of the main needs, such as software, and the APASAI Face Detection Software has perfectly and completely utilized this need.


Ability to automatically extract faces from video
The ability to recognize faces from inside the video (either live or off-line), the APASAI Face Detection software, has turned this software into a highly-used application in applications such as CCTV cameras. Another valuable feature included in this software section is the ability to define and edit the fuzzy detection sensitivity of the video, which can be customized by software users based on the sensitivity of the software application position.


The ability to integrate software into the APASAI Crawler software
One of the key applications of this software is the ability to integrate it with the APASAI CRAWLER software. By combining these two software together, the content of various websites can be monitored online and monitored the faces on different websites on a continuous basis and reports to the managers. presented.

Possibility of defining and editing an expert diagnostic system based on various policies
As mentioned earlier, one of the main uses of this software is the cost of auditing, and the existence of the expert system configuration for software as a software is a key feature. In the settings section of this software, you can define and edit detection policies and categorize found faces based on criteria that can be played back or not, normal or not. Also, in the expert software system, the sensitivity of each face can be adapted to the percentages generated by artificial intelligence algorithms.


Ability to define new faces to the system for diagnosis
Users who are familiar with the earlier products of our company will acknowledge that the main motto of APASIA Corporation is to offer easy-to-use comparable software. This software is not distinct from the rest of the products and it is possible to define new faces in the system easily and at high speed. You can even easily define and redesign the category tree, subgroup, and software classes.

Possibility of human review of analytical results
One of the ways to improve the results of face recognition or any other object is to use the results of human feedback and repeat the learning cycles of neural networks. This cycle of work is from the diagnosis to the feedback, and ultimately the repetition and reinforcement of learning is graphically and user-friendly in the software.


  • Scalibility and easy Extensibility
  • High speed and low error rate
  • User friendly graphic
  • Ability to integrate with other apasai software solutions
  • Using big data in detection and analysing of results
  • Provide graphical management charts separated by various faces
  • Ability to detect faces from online videos
  • Abilty to define and add new classes(faces) to system
  • Ability to get human feedback and False positive item extraction
  • Ability to adjust detect sensivity in expert system part of software

  • Supporetd all of standard video and image formats
  • Ability to import onilne and offline feed